Foreclosure Mediation Resources

A collection of links to articles, media reports, and other online resources relating to foreclosure mediation in Oregon.  Please use the contact form to report broken links or to suggest new links that should be added.


Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program (After August 4, 2013)

Ch 304, Or Laws 2013 (Enrolled SB 558)

Oregon Administrative Rules and Model Forms

Foreclosure Avoidance Program Website

OFAP Advisory Committee

Legislative History for SB 558 [Hearing Materials on OLIS]


Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Mediation Program (July 2012 to August 2013)

Ch 12, Or Laws 2012 (Enrolled SB 1552)

Exempt Lenders (2012)

Exempt Lenders (2013)

Oregon Mediation Association: FAMP Program Updates

Hearing on Mediation Program, Senate Gen. Govt., Consumer and Small Business Protection Committee (Dec 2012), [Audio]; [Written Testimony, Kelly Harpster]

Legislative History for SB 1552 [Written Testimony and Exhibits for Hearings on Feb 2 and Feb 13, 2012]


Media Reports on Oregon’s Foreclosure Mediation Program

Expanded State Foreclosure Mediation Program Seeing More Cases (Oregonian, Sept 2013)

Oregon’s Foreclosure Mediation Law Is Working (Portland Business Journal, Sept 2013)

Oregon Foreclosure Mediation Requests Jump (KTVZ, Sept 2013)

State Starts Do-Over on Foreclosure Mediation (Oregonian, Aug 2013)

Gov. John Kitzhaber Signs Foreclosure Mediation Expansion (Oregonian, Jun 2013)

Oregon House Approves Foreclosure Mediation Expansion; Bill Headed to Gov. John Kitzhaber (Oregonian, May 2013)

Will Large National Mortgage Servicers Get A Free Pass On Oregon’s Foreclosure Mediation Law (Blue Oregon, May 2013)

Senate Passes Bill to Expand Foreclosure Mediation Program (Statesman Journal, Apr 2013)

Foreclosure Mediation Expansion Passes Oregon Senate, Heads to House (Oregonian, Apr 2013)

Debate Continues on Changes to Foreclosure Mediation Bill (Statesman Journal, Apr 2013)

US Bank Clears Path For Legislature By Showing That Mortgage Mediation Can Work (Oregonian, Feb 2013)

US Bank, One of Few Mortgage Servicers to Participate in Oregon Foreclosure Mediation, Says ‘Its Working’ (Oregonian, Feb 2013)

After Slow Start, Legislature Asked to Expand Foreclosure Mediation Program (Oregonian, Feb 2013)

Oregon Searching for New Firm to Run Foreclosure Mediation Program Following Nonprofit Closure (Statesman Journal, Feb 2013)

Florida Administrator of Struggling Oregon Foreclosure Mediation Program Dissolves (Oregonian, Feb 2013)

Bills to Fix Foreclosure Mediation Program In the Works (Statesman Journal, Jan 2013)

Mortgage Mediation, MERS Needs Quick Attention in Legislature (Oregonian, Jan 2013)

Legislature, Supreme Court Face Key Foreclosure Decisions in New Year (Oregonian, Dec 2012)

Foreclosure Mediation Program Continues Shaky Start (Statesman Journal, Nov 2012)

Debate Over MERS, Foreclosure Mediation Needs to End Soon (Oregonian, Nov 2012)

Lenders Bypass Foreclosure Mediation Law (Street Roots, Oct 2012)

Solutions, Not Excuses, Needed in Foreclosure Mediation Stalemate (Oregonian, Sept 2012)

Lenders Not Engaging in Oregon Foreclosure Mediation Program (Oregonian, Aug 2012)

US Foreclosure Inventory Falls, But Oregon’s Unchanged (Oregonian, Aug 2012)

Foreclosure Mediation Seeks to Keep Homeowners Above Water (Oregonian, Jul 2012)

Oregon Foreclosure Mediation Program Takes Effect Wednesday (Oregonian, Jul 2012)

Struggling Homeowners Avert Foreclosure Via Mediation (Reuters, Jul 2012)

Lawmakers Approve $7.6 Million for Foreclosure Mediation Program and Enforcement (Oregonian, May 2012)

Gov. John Kitzhaber Signs Foreclosure Mediation Bill (Oregonian, Apr 2012)

Demand for Housing Counselors (OPB, Mar 2012)

Oregon Foreclosure Mediation Bill Passes Senate; Governor Expected to Sign Into Law  (UTA eNews, Mar 2012)

Legislature Passes Foreclosure Reform (Portland Business Journal, Mar 2012)

Oregon House Passes Foreclosure Protection Bill Addressing Mediation, Dual Track (Oregonian, Mar 2012)

Oregon Senate Okays Expanded Protects for Homeowners in Foreclosure (Oregonian, Feb 2012)


Scholarly Articles and Reports on Foreclosure Mediation Practices and Outcomes

Foreclosure Mediation: Emerging Research and Evaluation Practices

Emerging Strategies for Effective Foreclosure Mediation Programs

Its Time We Talked: Mandatory Mediation in the Foreclosure Process

Walk the Talk: Best Practices on the Road to Automatic Foreclosure Mediation

Banking on Mediator Skills

Rebuilding America: How States Can Save Millions of Homes Through Foreclosure Mediation

Locked Out: Little Relief for NYC Homeowners in the Foreclosure Settlement Process

State Foreclosure Prevention Efforts in New England: Mediation and Assistance

Philadelphia Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program: Initial Report of Findings

Maine’s Foreclosure Mediation Program: What Should Constitute A Good Faith Effort to Mediate?

ADR’s Place in Foreclosure: Remedying the Flaws of a Securitized Housing Market

State Foreclosure Mediation Laws: Examples and Research for a Uniform Statute

There’s No Place Like Home: Applying Dispute Design Theory to Create a Foreclosure Mediation System

Mandatory Mediation and Mortgage Contracts

Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation in Florida: Implementation Challenges for an Institutionalized Program

Mediating Mediations: Protecting the Homeowner’s Right to Self-Determination in Foreclosure Mediation Programs

Protecting Absent Stakeholders in Foreclosure Litigation: The Foreclosure Crisis, Mortgage Modification, and State Court Responses

Negotiations for the Home: A Balanced Approach to Good Faith in Foreclosure Mediation


Other Jurisdictions

NCLC’s List of Foreclosure Mediation Programs By State

RSI’s Foreclosure Dispute Resolution Program Models State by State