Mortgage and Foreclosure Resources

A collection of links to key statutes, administrative rules, guides, agency reports and information relating to mortgages and foreclosures. Please use the contact form to report broken links or suggest links to add. [Links last updated 2.24.2014.]


Statistics and Reports

Making Home Affordable Program Performance Reports

Monthly Housing Scorecard

FHFA Quarterly Foreclosure Prevention Reports

LPS Monthly Mortgage Monitor Reports

Hope Now Quarterly Reports by State


Mortgage Loan Servicing

Mortgage Servicing Rules (RESPA, TILA) [effective January 10, 2014]

Mortgage Servicing Rules (Oregon)

Fannie Mae Servicing Guide, Announcements, and Letters

Freddie Mac Servicing Guide, Bulletins, and Letters

Making Home Affordable Handbook and Supplemental Directives

HUD’s FHA National Servicing Center


Regulatory Actions and Settlements

OCC Consent Orders Arising Out of the 2011 Interagency Review of Foreclosure Policies and Practices

National Mortgage Settlement

Office of National Mortgage Settlement Oversight


Oregon Administrative Rules

Mortgage Servicing, OAR 137-020-0800, et seq

Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program, OAR 137-110-0001, et seq

Foreclosure Avoidance Measure Notices, OAR 137-120-0010, et seq

Mortgage Lending, Banks, et al, OAR Chapter 441


Oregon Revised Statutes

ORS 86 Mortgages;Trust Deeds 

ORS 86A Mortgage Lending

ORS 88 Foreclosure of Mortgages and Other Liens 

ORS 93 Conveyancing and Recording

ORS 18.860, et seq Writs of Execution; Execution Sales


Federal Mortgage Lending Laws

Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act, 12 USC Sec. 2601, et seq

Regulation X, 12 CFR 1024 (RESPA)

Truth in Lending Act, 15 USC Sec. 1601, et seq

Regulation Z, 12 CFR 226 (TILA)


Information About Mortgages and Foreclosures

Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services: Foreclosure Help

National Consumer Law Center: Foreclosures and Mortgages



Fannie Mae Loan Lookup

Freddie Mac Loan Lookup

MERS ServicerID 

SEC EDGAR Company Filings Search

HAMP Participating Servicers

Housing Counselor Search Tool



Uniform Law Commission, Committee on Home Foreclosures Procedures Act (formerly Committee on Residential Real Estate Mortgage Foreclosure Process and Protections)